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Dump Buddy has been tested to handle over 10 pounds of holding force. This is more than enough for this application. Dump Buddy should be snug around the base and when tightening the top button, you should tighten down until the foam touches the top of the plastic elbow and then just a little more. The goal is not to tighten so much as to dislodge the lower strap. If you have done that, you have tightened too much. Remember, the purpose is to hold the elbow in place to absorb the initial impact of the draining waste. It is also a good idea when fastening the lower strap to push in as you turn the knob so that the foam padding compresses. When you lock the mechanism in place, the foam will expand creating additional holding power.
Accommodates waste pipes from 3.9” to 5.75” (OD).
Yes – Dump Buddy comes ships in a soft shelled zippered carrying case for added protection. It also comes in a mesh nylon pull string pouch if you want to just hang it in your wet bay.
Absolutely. We ship to all parts of Canada. Checking shipping costs in the check out process.
No, but if you are interested in becoming a Canadian reseller, reach out to us at sales@dumpbuddy.com.
ump Buddy works with all industry standard 90 degree elbows on the market. The hose and 90 degree elbow shown in the pictures are from Camco and can be found on Amazon.
Yes. Dump Buddy is made from tough ABS and HDPE plastic and is completely washable.

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