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We have all been there. It is that one part of an RV trip we least look forward to but is extremely important to do. Dumping our waste tanks. Foresee is made up of experienced RV’ers and have developed Dump Buddy® to help reduce the stress and anxiety while at the same time, reducing the possibility of a misfortunate dump. As we all know, 100% of all failed dumps, end badly.
Dump Buddy® is the only patented product on the market that takes the worry out of this often avoided but necessary process. Users have told us that it is so simple that they wish they would have thought of it. It is easy to use, lightweight, washable and comes in its own storage case. All it takes is three seconds and three easy steps and you are ready for a dump that is almost impossible to go wrong.
If you are a longer term RV’er with a more permanent connection, Dump Buddy® can help secure your waste line which will help prevent animals from accidentally dislodging it or the random soccer ball from knocking it off its base.
Order today and enjoy the convenience and piece of mind of never having to worry about a mishap again.

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